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Because why not start somewhere

Ahhhh yes, you have to start somewhere. You have to build up that courage to dip your toes in and try to embark on that journey. Now this was something I never really anticipated having to do. I always wanted the easy way out, I always wanted another individual to guide me along the way to healing. But, little did I know, that isn't how this works.

By me, sitting there day in and day out not initiating anything within my mind and the work that needed to be done, I was ultimately choosing to prolong that suffering that was going on. A suffering that I didn't comprehend and didn't want to comprehend. A suffering that all the people around me knew was happening, but in this case, it was my turn to do something. They were there through thick and thin and didn't want to force it out of me.

And unfortunately it took many months until I started to acknowledge the very important fact that, by me neglecting all that was going on inside my mind, I was starting to hurt the people around me too. Now, looking back I kick myself because that was realistically why I didn't want to start or open up. To save my friends and family the hassle and struggle of having to put up with me and allllll the problems that come along with. To not throw these burdens on their plate because they already have enough going on. But, by me not speaking out and sharing it was doing the complete opposite of what I originally had planned for.

The ultimate goal/advice I can offer from this blog is 2 main things.

1) Take that step. Start somewhere. Be proud of yourself for doing that because it sure isn't easy. And be prepared to put in the work. This is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint.

2) And the people you surround yourself with, will be there. They will be, trust. Utilize them. Allow them to come along that journey with you. Embrace the good and bad with them.

Bye for now <3

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